28 Jan

My sister and I were lamenting today about how we needed some sunshine, here in the throws of winter in New York. Actually it’s not been bad this season, no snowpocalypses so far. (That photo is from last winter.) But you know how it is as the season wears on, feeling drab, exhausted, kind of sad, and cold. I think part of my problem anyway is the foods I tend to eat during this time of year. I mean, how many times can you eat pizza or chicken pot pie before things start to turn ugly.

I wish for mountains of fresh fruits and vegetables, gigantic tomatoes, basil that I can pick on my fire escape. And blueberries from Michigan. And my mom’s roasted vegetable medley.

Instead, I’m going to eat some grapefruit salad. Fresh, with olive oil, and arugula and salt and pepper. Then I’m going to go buy a box of clementines.

Maybe we all can get some Vitamin C that way until the sun comes out.

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