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Corn Flake chicken

3 Feb

When I used to work at my mom’s store, I had to make loads of this dish called chicken dijon. Essentially, it’s a chicken breast coated in butter and mustard, then dipped in breadcrumb goodness. The downside is you get this sticky mix all over your hands, and I made so much of it that my fingers would smell like garlic and mustard for days. I still can’t deal with making it , so you’ll have to ask her how.

But I really like the principle of the dish, especially the dijon which gives the chicken breast a juiciness when they tend to get really dry, really fast.

So in the spirit, here’s a hybrid: a sort of non-fried-yet-crunchy chicken made with corn flakes IMG_0299

This serves 2, so double it for 4.

What you will need:

Two chicken breasts

1 jar dijon mustard

Rice wine vinegar (for collard greens)

2 cloves garlic (for collards)

3 cups corn flakes

olive oil, two table spoons

Salt, pepper

That spice with the guy on it:


1 package of collard greens

Ok so, put about 1/2 the jar of dijon into one bowl, and then in a second bowl, crunch up the corn flakes and add salt, pepper and a few shakes of that meat magic spice (or whatever kind of spice you want, really.)  Plus 2 tables spoons of olive oil.

Dunk the chicken breast into the dijon, then into the Corn Flake mix IMG_0292

I would use tongs, otherwise this happens, and it feels gross!


When they are good and covered, lay them on a cookie sheet that you have sprayed


Then let them cook at about 400 for 45 minutes. I wouldn’t turn them over because the bottom has a tendency to come off in the oven, unless you’re a real pro.

Meanwhile, I made collard greens.

So you need to cut out the spine because it’s awful thick.


Then slice them in long lines, and boil them for 10 minutes to soften them up.

When the chicken is 10 minutes from done, you sautee the greens for 10 minutes, splash a tablespoon or two of vinegar and a little garlic and oil.


And that’s it!